Linksys WRT3200ACM – NORDVPN installation

In case you need to increase security of your connection or more likely to use services like NETFLIX which has restriction for your country, then VPN is the right tool.

What you need:

  1. Account on NordVPN with subscription activated
  2. Router capable running of OpenWRT and OpenVPN
  3. Very basic knowledge of WinSCP and Putty

Guides to be used: In the link to DropBox you will find extensive PDF Official guideline. Forum used.

Please note that in OpenWRT version 18.06.04 and luci-app-openvpn 19.263.64918-825 on this LinkSys router is not available option for upload of VPN config file. So WinSCP and detailed guidelines has to be used.

Lesson learned. The guides are quite detailled and is necessary to follow them in detail. My biggest mistake was the fact that the separate file used for login data for VPN was using “login” and “password” words in addition to login information…

OTTO v2. 3D Printed Robot

Hello, here you can find some brief info about modification of the OTTO v2 3D printed project.

Result: YouTube


  1.  Source files Thingiverse OTTO DIY +GITHUB
  2. I needed more space for battery and some modification (buttons, matrix display, etc.) Therefore I have started with modification of OpenScad file. This files looks parametric, but in the end a lot of parameters are fixed
  3. I needed to learn OpenScad and modified the file. I have not finished yet and Legs still needs to be adjusted. Most of the parameters now are outside modules.
  4. Other issue is the fact that servos with the same name can have different size, servo horns etc.
  5. I have deleted from the file the option for SG90 servo.
  6. I have added DC/DC converter with output 5V directly charging the Arduino Nano. It looks that the voltage converter on the Arduino board is not powerful enough. Voltage source LiPo battery 7.4V.
  7. Added voltage divider in order to allow voltage measurement. I have adjusted parameters in “BatReader” accordingly.
  8. Added switch button for charging of the Bluetooth module in order to avoid the game with wires. Bluetooth module is connected to standard Serial Pins (0,1)
  9. Added RGB Diode WS2812, program modified and used library “light_WS2812”
  10. Everything printed with PLA on Prusa 3D MK2S.

Here you can find mentioned files:  otto v2 Work In Progress

Router ASUS RT AC58U as wireless bridge

My router went to silicon heaven and I needed to replace it.

I needed to connect two rooms in order to share network printer, NAS, and other devices.  I have chosen router   ASUS RT AC58U and bought two of them. By surprise these routers do not support wireless bridge mode.

Wireless bridge scheme

After some searching there is ingenious open source project for routers firmware. LEDE Project  This software completely replace the firmware and open all imaginable features. The firmware requires some knowledge of the networking and if you are not familiar with words like bridge, firewall then the beginning could be difficult.

Firmware and installation: Firmware

Link to youtube video: LEDE BRIDGE

Link to the LEDE forum: LEDE Forum

During experimenting is useful to know how to do factory reset.

  1. The router can also be reset by locating the reset button located on the router. This is located on the back or the bottom of the router.
  2. Press and hold the reset button on the router until the power light on the router begins to flash, and then release the button.
  3. The router should reset the settings and restart. The next time the router is accessed, the initial setup screen will appear.

Useful could be SW: recvudp


Beginner notes on setup of ARF X220S.

1. Install extension Betaflight in Google Chrome. This is very nice program for complete setup of Flight Controller Omnibus F4 SD. SD stands for SD card.
2. Update FW. For booting of flight controller in update mode you need to hold button next USB on flight controller. Green LED will light. Probably you will need to install drivers for Update mode and maybe for normal mode.
Just the top of the frame needs to be disassembled in order to reach the button.
Drivers    This video includes also the instructions for firmware update.
3. Setup of Betaflight
4. Receiver installation. I have bought R820X v2 from Hobbyking with SBUS output. This can be directly connected to flight controller. I have completely stripped off the receiver and soldered the cable to Bind connector of the receiver. Works nice!